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Every female character has a base 50% chance of contracting the Chocolate Addiction quirk (a minor mental quirk for which she receives 8 BPs).    â€”Female Quirks & Flaws

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Category: Hackmaster
by Natasha Neame (w/the The Ladies of Hack)
“You women are all crazy!” and “You women are all alike!” are two phrases that male players and characters often say at the gaming table. The truth is - they’re only half right. Yes, women are all crazy, but in unique ways. Every female in the world has their own combination of strange quirks and bizarre flaws, which mean no two women are alike. Sure, some of us are similar, but if women were all the same it would mean that men had a chance of understanding what we’re thinking - and we can’t have that!

To reflect upon the myriad complexities that make up the female form, the Ladies of Hack (a group of female scientists and warriors) recently locked themselves in a laboratory for over six months, developing the “Double X Chromosome Quirk and Flaw Tables.” Read More...

Traci Thompson
So, how do you come up with a character name for a role-playing game? Here are some ways that people I know have come up with them.
  • Random collection of letters
  • A character name in a book they read
  • Something that they made up that just sounds cool
  • A character’s name from a movie
The main way that I choose character names is based on my association with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Previously in the SCA, I held the position of herald—specifically, a book herald. In the SCA, a book herald is a person who researches names and/or coats of arms to make sure that they are in alignment with the actual naming practices (or coat of arms creation practices) of the Middle Ages. Read More...

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