Anime Inspired Magical Items

by Tanya Laubacher

Bracer of Weapon Storage

This magical armband is crafted of a silvery unknown metal and coated with a white enamel. One large gemstone will always appear centered on the top of the bracer, and will always be a ruby, emerald or blue shappire. Unlike other magical bracers, a bracer of weapon storage will never be found in pairs. When worn, upon command, it will cause any weapon that the wielder is holding in his hand to instantly dissapear. Infact, the weapon is being stored inside the gem on the bracer. When the command word is spoken again the stored weapon will appear in the hand it was taken from. In order for the weapon to appear in the wearer's hand, the hand must be free and able to grasp the weapon in question. The bracer can only contain one weapon at a time, whether it be a sword, dagger, bow or crossbow. It cannot contain multiple ammunition for any one of these such as a bundle of arrows, but it can store a single arrow. A bracer of weapon storage cannot be used in conjuction with any other enchanted bracer with the acception of the bracer of armor storage.
XP Value: 20,000

Bracer of Armor Storage

This enchanted bracer appears to be identical to the bracer of weapon storage, but upon command will cause the wearer's armor to vanish and become stored within. It can contain up to one full suit of armor, helmet and shield or pieces of armors which protect the wearer. It cannot store magical items which inprove armor class without providing actual body protection such as robes, cloaks, jewelry or boots. It can contain an enchanted helm or shield so long as it is being worn or held by the user. The bracer can only make the armor appear or dissapear if the wearer is not bound or restricted by physical means. Like the bracer of weapon storage this cannot be used in conjunction with any other magical bracers except a bracer of weapon storage.
XP Value: 30,000

Robe of Fire Protection

This simple red fabric robe is woven from the fibres of vermin from the elemental plane of fire. It protects the wearer as leather armor and also imbibes an immunity to all normal fire and a +3 to all saving throws against magical flames.
XP Value: 6,500

Sword of the Flame Blade

At first glance this magical items appears to be little more than the hilt and crossguard of a short sword, but without a blade. When held and the command word spoken a 3' red-hot blade-like ray will spring forth from the crossguard. It acts in all respects like a second level priest spell flame blade, but is wielded like a short sword. When the command word is spoken again the blade will vanish. If released from the wielder's grasp when activated the blade automatically extinguishes.
XP Value: 8,000

Sword of Light

At first glance this magical items appears to be little more than the hilt and crossguard of a long sword, but without a blade. When grasped and the command word spoken a brilliant beam of force 4' long springs from the crossguard. The blade glows as bright as a light spell, and acts in all other respects as a +4 long sword. When the command word is spoken again the blade will vanish. If released from the wielder's grasp when activated the blade automatically extinguishes.
XP Value: 5,000

Scimitar of Demon Slaying

This scimitar has a magical enchantment of +3; +5 when used against evil aligned demons, devils and creatures from the lower planes.

Maul of Power

This military style hammer temporarily increases the Strength score of the wielder by one point, thereby changing all damage and other rolls associated with the increase. It will only increase the score when being held.
XP: 5,000

Whip of Woodland Punishment

This 6' long +1 enchanted whip is constructed of a flexible vine covered with barbed protrusions resembling the thorns of a rose. This painful weapon can be wielded by a druid without penalty. Size: L,  Type: S,  Speed: 8, Weight: 2, Damage: 1d6+1 (S&M)/ 1d4+1 (L)
d20: Exotic weapon. Damage: 1d6+1
XP Value: 2,000

Amulets of the Magi

These magical talismans come in a set of three. Each one is circular in shape, cast of mithril and set with large matching gemstones. One is worn as a broach, the other two as bracelets. When donned by an arcane caster, they effecivly increase the mage's casting level by one.
XP Value: 20,000

The Book of the Four Gods

This red leather bound books seems very unordinary to the untrained eye. On the cover, embossed in gold, are four elemental spirits of fire, water, air and earth. Inside the owner of the book will find that very single moment of his life, upon posession of the book, has been written down in it's slightly yellowed pages. No matter how long the owner how the book has kept this book, it's pages will never be filled. The script will always be able to be read by the posesser and will be written in his native script. Those who are illiterate can never read the book. The passages in the book will include such exciting things as battles fought and romantic events but will also contain such tedious things as being fitted at the clothier and what the posesser had for dinner. It will never contain any information that the owner does not know, such as the weaknesses of the green dragon he fought or that the trap he disarmed was poisoned, but will contains those events. When the ownership of the book changes the pages of the previous owner become blank and the new posesser's life begins to be written. Should the same person own the same book twice the tome will just pick up where it left off in the previous story. Other people can read the story within the book, but they must be literate and able to read the posessor's native script. Many bards search for tomes of this nature to record their heroic adventures.
XP Value: 10,000

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