Tips for Attending Origins
by Melissa Walsh
    • Get there as early as possible- there is so much to do and so little time to do it. Aim for a Thursday or even Wednesday arrival if you can swing it.

    • Preregister!! Not only is it cheaper, but the onsite registration line is very, very long!!

    • Don't always trust the volunteers. I hate to say this, but some of them are just putting in their hours to get free admission to the con. Try to find a senior volunteer, as some of the first years might not really know that much.

    • Reserve hotel rooms early. Reserve in December or January if you want to be in walking distance of the convention center. That early, you ask? Yes! There are over 15,000 people at this con and they all need a place to stay!!

    • Don't plan on seeing the rest of Columbus unless you get there early or stay late. There is so much to do at the convention, I couldn't even drag myself away to go Geo-caching!

    • Go with a group if possible or plan beforehand to meet up with friends. People really seemed to stick together, it might be lonely going alone.
    • Plan a schedule beforehand. There is so much to do and the convention center is so large that it can be overwhelming. It is good to have a little free time to wander around but pre-registering for events before the convention begins will save you lots of grief. Popular events will fill up fast, so sign up early for the events you don't want to miss.

    • Wear comfortable shoes!!

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