Take After Talent:
Some Implications...
by Heather O'Malley

The Take After Talent on page 72 of the Hackmaster Gamemaster's Guide is a powerful and useful tool for character creation. However, it is also a misunderstood talent. This is available ONLY for those who use the gene pool method of character creation. This method of character creation is listed on page 17 of the GMG. This allows active player/ player or player/non-player characters to have offspring by averaging their ability scores and then rolling a variation dice. This would enable a character with a human parent and an ogre parent to make a half-ogre that takes after the human and have access to human character classes. A half-ogre monk comes to mind easily.

This is great and can help create a very powerful protégé. However, the important thing to remember is that this can only be done with one PC. This is an important step. This also gives the PC a chance to role-play the birth and upbringing of their child. The player must age the number of years that would make the new character available for play so they might as well enjoy the role-playing of that.

This also raises the question of how you are going to find the other parent. This is also a role-playing chance. If there is a relationship between two PCs is it being played out? If it is between a PC and an NPC are you working through that as well. The process of courting and getting to the point where they have your child does take a while. Having a child opens up a number of adventure ideas, especially if this is to be the new PC. They would be there for kidnappings, getting lost, attacked and a whole barrage of other things. These also can help a player get attached to a character that they haven’t even played yet.

The Take After Talent is nice but this is something that must be played out to add to the process. No one can just start out with this talent. You can’t just start the game this way. It is in there for people who want to push their character options a good bit more.♥

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