Female Quirks and Flaws
by Natasha Neame (HMGMA# AU-1-02055-05) with assistance from the Ladies of Hack

“You women are all crazy!” and “You women are all alike!” are two phrases that male players and characters often say at the gaming table. The truth is - they’re only half right. Yes, women are all crazy, but in unique ways. Every female in the world has their own combination of strange quirks and bizarre flaws, which mean no two women are alike. Sure, some of us are similar, but if women were all the same it would mean that men had a chance of understanding what we’re thinking - and we can’t have that!

To reflect upon the myriad complexities that make up the female form, the Ladies of Hack (a group of female scientists and warriors) recently locked themselves in a laboratory for over six months, developing the “Double X Chromosome Quirk and Flaw Tables.”

Whenever a female character rolls for quirks and flaws, she may roll on the new PHB Table 6A [LH] here instead of Table 6A in the PHB. In that case, PHB Table 6A [LH] supersedes Table 6A in the PHB for female characters. Note that new subtables that result from PHB Table 6A [LH] are not identified with the issue number and then a sequential letter as done elsewhere in HackJournal. They are numbered 6J to 6M because they are extensions of the tables in Chapter 6 of the Player’s Handbook.

Before rolling on PHB Table 6A [LH], however, the player must first roll percentile die. Every female character has a base 50% chance of contracting the Chocolate Addiction quirk (a minor mental quirk for which she receives 8 BPs). (If you think that percentile is too high, I’d like to point out that I spent 14 straight days handing out free chocolate to women in the street. 50% accepted the chocolate, while the other 50% said, “oh I’d LOVE to, but I’m watching my figure.)

If the character gains this quirk, she spends at least 1d20 gp per day on her habit whenever the opportunity presents itself. If she runs out of money, she may put up her equipment, borrow from comrades or even steal. She may even make deals that she’ll regret later, or battle fierce monsters if she believes they may hold delicious chocolates. Such characters have even been known to take payment in chocolate! However, the character gains 1d3 pounds per week in which she does not engage in physical exercise, and loses 1 point of Comeliness due to acne.

Once the player has rolled for Chocolate Addiction, and determined how many female quirks and flaws she wishes to roll for, she may then proceed to roll on PHB Table 6A [LH]. It should be noted that if the player has a result that requires them to roll on Table 6M: Quirks (Mother) d100, those quirks & flaws relate to the character’s mother. Often this is far more dangerous, and the player is entitled to a re-roll as long as she has the BPs to spend.

A detailed description of each flaw and quirk follows the appropriate table, including some tips for GMs.

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