Modern d20 Items for Purchase

Item Description DC Cost Weight

Weapons, Armor and Related Gear

Assault Gloves Gloves with guards and plates on the knuckles and fingers. Gives +2 damage in unarmed combat. 9 2 lb
Poly Knife A polycarbonate knife that contains no metal. Restricted in some areas, cannot be thrown. 3 8 oz
Light Armored Vest Protects the chest and back from knives and needles. Limited ballistic protection. +3 EB, -1 DEX 14 5 lb
Ballistic Vest Provides more protection than the light vest, but still maintains easy movement. +4 EB, -1 DEX 16 6 lb
Ballistic Helmet Uses nylon and kevlar to keep the head protected. +6 EB to head only. 14 3 lb
Helmet Cover Cover your new helmet in camo prints, also has strapping for additional concealment items. 3 -
Armor Fresh Non-perfume spray eliminates foul odors from gear. May provide Hide bonus from scent using creatures. 2 4.5 oz
Rotary Holster Handgun holster swivels 360 degrees so you can wear it anywhere; even mount it discreetly in a car! 5 8 oz
Rotary Mag Holster Magazine holster that holds many semi-automatic handgun magazines. 4 8 oz
Rotary Shoulder Holster Shoulder holster only for rotary gear. Holds one mag or gun holster under each arm (purchased separately) 6 5 oz
Pistol Laser Sight Attaches to Barettas, Glocks and more! Pinpoint sight up to 75' in low light, 350 yd in total darkness. 8 1.2 oz
Pistol Tactical Light Attaches a flashlight (treat as standard flashlight) to weapon. Runs for 1 hour on 2 AAA batteries. 10 3.3 oz
9mm Magazine Pouch Belt pouch holds 3 9mm magazines. 3 6 oz
M-4 Magazine Pouch Pouch holds 2 M-4 magazines. 3 4 oz
M-16 Magazine Pouch Pouch holds 6 M-16 magazine clips. 4 8 oz
Shotgun Ammo Pouch Belt pouch holds 12 shells. 2 4 oz
Shotgun Shell Bandoleer Nylon and elastic bandoleer holds 56 shotgun shells across the chest and back. 4 8 oz

Packs, Bags and Storage Items

Assault Backpack Large backpack with built-in 2 qt canteen and drink hose. Has outside pockets and straps for sleeping bag. 10 2.5 lb
Camo Backpack Cover Slip over your largest pack to provide instant camoflage and some water protection. 3 1 lb
Expandable Baton Pouch Pouch provides easy access to collapsible baton. 5 2 oz
Single Handcuff Pouch Pouch holds one pair of standard handcuffs. 5 2 oz
Multi-tool Pouch Pouch holds one pair of a variety of commonly found multi-tools. 3 2 oz
Spray Pouch Pouch holds one standard bottle of pepper spray. 5 2 oz
Micro Protector Case Keeps a cell phone and a GPS unit from crushing and water damage. No foam padding. 4 1 lb
Small Protector Case Small fiberglass case that opens to an eggshell foam interior. Keeps equipment safe from virtually anything. 6 3.5 lb
Medium Protector Case Same as small case; but can hold 1 medium, 2 small, 4 tiny, 8 diminuative or 16 fine sized items. 9 5.1 lb
Large Protector Case Same as previous case; but can hold 1 large item, 2 medium, 4 small, 8 tiny sized items- and so on. 10 8.9 lb
Computer Protector Case Holds laptop, phone, pens and notebook. Crushproof, watertight and dustproof! 12 6 lb
Military Protector Case X-Large case with a pull handle and wheels for easy transport. Holds twice as much as large case. 13 15 lb
I.D. Neck Pouch Small clear pouch and cord that hangs around the neck. Can hold any number of flat items. 2 -
Tool Roll Urethane coated roll that holds up to 11 small tools including screwdrivers, wrenches, pliars and more. 3 5 oz
Storage Bags 4 Heavy duty storage bags of assorted sizes. Sizes of bags are tiny, small, medium and large. 3 4 oz
Gear Straps A set of 16 various straps and stretch bands that can secure any number of things. 3 1 lb

Foodstuffs and Related Items

Caffeine Gum Each piece contains 100ml of caffeine. Each pack has 5 pieces; case of 24 packs. 6 2 lb.
MREs 12 pack case of ready-to-eat meals; containing various entrees with packets of salt, pepper, sugar & coffee. 8 21 lb
MRE Ration Heater 12 flameless chemical heaters that warms your food in minutes. 3 2 lb.
Emergency Rations Pack of 9 bars of emergency food loaded with vitamins and calories. Fits guidelines for all religious diets. 2 1.2 lb
Canned Heat and Stove Small aluminum single-can stove and 2 cans of canned heat. 4 15 oz
Canned Heat Pack 12 can pack of canned heat; an odorless and smokeless gel that when ignited burns up to 10 hours. 6 10 lb
Water Purification Tablets Iodine based tablets that kill microorganisms in water. 2 tablets purify 1 quart of water. 50 tablet jar. 2 8 oz
Folding Basin A waterproof nylon fabric basin contains up to 2 gallons of water to wash up or water animals with. 3 1 lb

Wearables and Clothing

Tactical Goggles Protects eyes from sun (UV filter), wind, gasses and dust. Wrap around design keeps 'tunnel vision' at bay. 9 -
Wind Goggles Protects eyes from wind and dust. Vents on the sides allow for some air flow. 2 -
Full-gas mask Covers whole head and offers protection from many airborn agents. 14 1.5 lb
Smoke Hood Plastic disposable hood and filter protects against carbon monoxide. 8 -
5-color Camo Paint Kit A compact that has tan, olive, brown, white and black oil facial paints and non-break mirror. 5 5 oz
Wrist GPS Small unit attaches to wrist with Velcro. Provides location and a 10,000 track point capability. 10 8 oz
Heavy Duty Belt Nylon belt used in military and law enforcement. Useful for nearly all pouches and holsters. 4 8 oz
Dog Tags Stainless steel I.D. tags, military style. 3 -
Wristwatch with Compass

A military style activewear watch with compass.

7 -

Personal Effects

Anti-fog Gel Coat goggles and glasses to prevent fogging for 4-5 days. 80 applications per bottle. 3 1 oz
Portable Shower 4-ply plastic bag holds 4 gal of water that heats up to over 100 degrees on a warm summer day in 3 hours! 4 1 lb
Insect Repellant Spray bottle repels a host of bothersome insects. No scent. 3 4 oz
Field Deodorant All natural scentless deodorant works fantastically to keep you dry. 3 6 oz
Field Towels Moist hand towels that are stronger and more durable than regular wipes. Pack of 20 towels. 2 6 oz
Dry Shampoo Cap A disposable cap that when rubbed on head refreshes and cleans short hair. 2 2 oz

Other Gear

14 Mile Walkie-Talkies A pair of 2-way radios that have settings up to 14 miles. Also picks up weather repots and Amber Alerts. 7 1 lb
Pocket Chainsaw This linked chain can fell a 3 inch branch in 10 seconds. Folds up into a tiny pocket. 4 6 oz
Field Spade Collapsible shovel has a small band saw concealed in a screw-top handle. 6 24 oz
Army Duct Tape 60 yd roll of 2 inch matte olive tape that can stick to damn near anything. 3 2 lb
Rope Clamps Set of 4 nylon quick-clamps useful for tying loads and setting up tents. 4 8 oz
Signal Mirror A 3"x5" unbreakable mirror in a pouch. 4 2 oz
All-weather Pen A black ink pen that can write in all situations- even upside down! 3 -
Waterproof Notebook 78 sheets of lined waterproof paper in a composition style book. Use all-weather pen or regular pencil. 4 8 oz
Waterproof Memo 60 sheets of waterproof paper in a spiral bound memo style pad. 2 4 oz
Military Water Can High impact container that holds up to 20L of water. 5 5.9 lb
Military Fuel Can High impact container that can hold up to 20L of fuel. 6 5.9 lb

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