Gemstone Mythical Abilitiesby Tanya Laubacher
Diamond Protection from poison, protection from fear, wealth, strength, fortitude
Emerald Wealth, passion, fertility, lasting memory
Ruby Wealth, nobility, power, blood, love
Sapphire Wealth, protection from fear, good
Topaz Protection from death, protection from maddness
Opal Passion, invisibility, flight, evil
Jade Protection, speaking with dead, luck, long life
Coral Strength, peace, wisdom, protection from undead
Garnet Consistancy, truth, faith, protection from evil
Pearl Chastity, purity, beauty
Amber Energy, lasting memory, happiness, electricty
Turquoise Protection, luck, faith
Malachite Increase power from spells, protection from magic, protection during travel
Aquamarine Luck at sea, confidence, strength, protection, favorable weather
Moonstone Mental clarity, luck at sea, long life
Amethyst Protection, happiness
Bloodstone Healing, courage, long life, increase power from spells
Peridot Eloquence, protection from disease, protection from thirst
Lapis Lazuli Protection from pain, creativity, wisdom, courage
Onyx Protection against psychic attacks
Rock Crystal Clairvoyance, divination, healing
Rose Quartz Passion, love, peace, happiness
Smoky Quartz       Protection, purification

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