NPC Green Dragon

by Tanya Laubacher

Character Name: Rhododendron   Class: --   Kit: --   Alignment: LE
Race: Dragon    Type: Green    Age Catagory: 7 (mature adult)
Sex: F    Age: 397   Body Length: 65'    Tail Length: 56'    Wing Span: 140'  Eyes: Brown
Family:    Clan:    Lord/Liege: None
Description: A bright green dragon with ivory spines running down the length of her snout, head and neck; while a set of long straight horns protrude just above her eyes that point to her back.

STR: 19   DEX: 10   CON: 18   INT: 15   WIS: 15   CHA: 14   
Max Weight: 485   Max Press: 640   Op Doors: 16(9)   BB/LG: 50%
HP Adj: +4   System Shock: 99%   Res: --   Pois Save: --
#Lang: 4   Spell Lvl: 7th   Lrn Spell: 65%   Spell/Lvl: 11
Bonus Spells: 2,1   Spell Fail: 0
#Hench: 6   Loyal Base: +1   Reac Adj: +2

Hit Points
HP: 70   HD: d8   Wounds: Nil   Scars: Nil

Armor Class
AC:    Front:    Back:    Shieldless:    Type of Armor:

Weapon: Claws   #Att: 2   Att Adj/ Dam Adj: +7/+7   THAC0: 6   Damage: d8   S/T/W: --   Range: --
Weapon: Bite   #Att: 1   Att Adj/ Dam Adj: +7/+7   THAC0: 6   Damage: 2d10   S/T/W: --   Range: --
Weapon: Breath (clorine)   #Att: 1/3   Att Adj/ Dam Adj: --   THAC0: --   Damage: 14d6+7   S/T/W: --   Range: 50'x40'x30'
Weapon: Roll   #Att: 1   Att Adj/ Dam Adj: +7/--   THAC0: 6   Damage: 1d10   S/T/W: --   Range: --
Weapon: Tail Slap   #Att: 1   Att Adj/ Dam Adj: +7/--   THAC0: 6   Damage: stun for 1d4+1 rds   S/T/W: --   Range: 7 enemies

Spells/Lvl: 4 1st   Spell Lvl: --
Spells Memorized: Chill Touch x2, Detect Undead, Light
Spells Available: Chill Touch, Find Familiar, Light, Detect Undead

Skills and Powers
Innate/Racial Abilities: Fear radius 25 yds (Save at +1), 42% speak to any intelligent creature, Can strike opponents needing +2 or better weapons to hit, Magic resistance 25%
Special Abilities: Water Breathing at will, Suggestion 1/day, Warp Wood 3/day.
Combat Proficiencies: Claw attack, claw/claw, bite, claw/claw/bite, roll, tail slap, stall, breath weapon.
Noncombat Proficiencies: Alertness, Etiquette, Intimidation, Danger Sense, Appraising, Spellcraft (wizard), Hunting.
Languages: Dragonic (chromatic), lizard man, common, elvish (sylvan).

Other Important Informaton/ Notes
Note: Roll combat allows dragon to roll on top of an opponent that is standing next to the dragon. Stall combat allows the dragon to hover in the air for one round, enough to use its breath weapon in one place before flying off.

Background/ History
Rhododendron is a female green dragon who doesn't tend to go looking for a fight, but she is willing to attack any who dare to trespass into her lair. She has known to employ a small squad of lizardmen to patrol her territory, paying them with human weapons she finds and gemstones. Rhododendron is also a vain creature, using the oil from slain mammals to make her scaled coat gleam in the sunlight and carrying a type of satchel around her neck (made from the cured skin of giant lizards) that contains all the magic items she posesses, just incase someone should enter her treasure trove while she was away. This also keeps her these items near for use if she can.

13,000 gp; +5 short sword; oil of acid resistance; +2 long sword; bag of beans; bracers of brachiation; robe of vermin