Name: Prowler      Alignment: CN (evil)       Class: Tom cat fighter       Level: 3      Race: Feline domesticus
Sex: M       Age: Indeterminate        Weight: 26 lbs.         Hair: Ratty striped orange           Eyes: Menacing green
Patron Gawd: Himself          Handedness: Unknown

STR: 7        DEX: 15        CON: 10         INT: 4          WIS: 6          CHA: 13         COM: 9       HON: 27

Movement   Base: 9     Run: 18
AC: 4    Rear: 6     Armor: None
HP: 16     HD:4d4

Thieving Abilities
Move Silently: 70%      Snatch Dice: 35%      Steal Snacks: 55%     Climb Curtains: 95%

Claws 1d2/1d2   Bite 1    Special: If both claws strike, Rear claw rake 1d2

Special Abilities
Aura of fear: Wherever Prowler stalks he is surrounded by an aura of fear. Any rodent with less then one hit die flees in terror, any other rodent with one hit die or more must make a saving throw to negate this effect.

Quirks and Flaws
Color blind, sound sleeper, facial scar, blind in one eye, enmity toward race (human), enmity toward monster (dawgs), glutton, greedy, self absorbed

Battle Cry (54%), Brawler (21%), Dirty Fighting (46%), Establish Ambush Zone (23%), Hunting (48%), Threat Gesture (32%), Torture (45%)

Character Information/ History
Prowler is a short haired orange striped tom cat with a bad attitude. Throughout his life he has brawled with other cats, dawgs and humans to gain the fierce reputation and honor that he has. It also is the reason for all his scars and permanent injuries. When this massive cat wanders into a room everyone casts glances in his direction, fearful of what the chaotic creature will do next. He delights in playing with his meals, sometimes letting mice and rats linger for hours between life and death before finishing them off. Prowler's current owner is one B.A. Felton, a gamemaster for the RPG Hackmaster. Though he cares not for the unimportant pleasures of men, he will watch silently from a dark corner or under a stand waiting for nachos, pie crumbs and cheeze doodles to fall on the floor and take them away before anyone knew he was there. The rounded dice used in the game are also a favorite toy of Prowler, when a polyhedron haphazardly falls to the ground he will eagerly take the die and bat it around until it falls into the depths of the heat register, never to be seen again, much to the dismay of players. Then Prowler will patiently wait for another to fall to it's fate.
     Another humorous game for the ugly tom occurs when B.A. is tied up by members of his gaming group and dangled from the ceiling. The wriggling human is quite fun to play with. As it struggles, whimpers and attempts to scream for help Prowler will sneak up on it, let his war cry be heard and then pounce on the helpless victim.
     It is unknown why B.A. keeps this psychotic cat. Perhaps he feels pity for the mangy beast, but no matter what the reason Prowler is eager to use the weaknesses humans to his advantage.